Based in Seattle, PRESS REIGN is a consulting agency 

owned by director and art-world veteran Jodie Nelson. 

Artists and organizations rely on 

PRESS REIGN to reach their highest potential.

Jodie brings over 20 years of experience to the 

multifaceted art world. Her devotion as curator, program director and artist assistant have been seen on 

PBS and quoted in the New York Times.

Her life’s purpose and passion are to bring the power of art to more people with a mission to cultivate and execute long term business strategies for artists and organizations.


 After earning her BA in Graphic Design and Computer Art, Jodie began her career as an award-winning research and travel grant recipient taking her to Mawangdui, an archaeological site located in China. She honed her photography skills by documenting and selling photos of UNESCO Heritage Sites in Asia. 

In Nepal, she expanded her business as an art director and graphic designer on promotional materials and videos for the world's most thrilling river expeditions. Her photo credits were seen side-by-side renowned photographers for 

National Geographic


Jodie returned to Washington and continued river expeditions with global leaders of the industry while developing relationships with artists. Understanding the complexities of making hand-blown glass, Jodie interpreted the process of the world’s foremost artists working in glass. She narrated hot shop events to sold out museum theater audiences. 

Later continuing her education in Museology at the University of Washington, Jodie brought major success to the world of art as a high-level curator — she expanded programming at Chihuly Studio, contemporary art non-profits and commercial art galleries.


Honored to have experience with pioneering artists, Jodie has worked hands-on with JUDY CHICAGO feminist icon and Time Magazine's most influential people in the world 2018,BARBARA EARL THOMAS painter, author and essayist, and DALE CHIHULY one of the most innovative artists working in the medium of glass. Joining the legendary team at Chihuly Studio in 2011 with a specialty in fine art prints Jodie also worked on Chihuly exhibition projects at Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Dallas Arboretum, Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden,  important legacy projects Chihuly Garden and Glass and the Chihuly Sanctuary at the Fred & Pamela Cancer Center. Jodie has an invaluable 

on-going role with team Chihuly.    


PRESS REIGN is a business development consulting agency elevating artists and organizations to their highest potential with expertise in:                

• Program Design • Project Management • Art Advisory  •

Jodie thrives while being hands-on, helping world-renowned artists inside their studio. She is the true embodiment of the definition of a curator, one who will “take care of” every detail.  

Services also include 

•  Studio Assistant (media variable)  •  (AEFI) Long Term Strategic Planning  •  Curatorial •  Archiving  •  Art Fairs  •  Exhibitions  •  Publishing Prints & Multiples •


 Known for her collaborative work style with multiple agencies, Jodie produces culturally relevant events and implements highly-successful marketing strategies.  Projects include:

Refract.The Seattle Glass Experience

Program Manager. The nation’s newest festival showcasing creative uses of glass in the Pacific Northwest. This inaugural event brings together art organizations and artists alike to showcase what makes our glass community so special. 

What Does Compassion Look Like?

 Curatorial. Fine Art Gallery Show. Sanctioned by Seeds of Compassion-a 5-day collaboration with the Dalai Lama. 

Speak For The Trees

 Curatorial. Fine Art Gallery Show. Select guest artists include Yoko Ono, Christo and Jeanne-Claude, and David Hockney. Traveling Exhibit. Publication.

Ceci n'est pass une pipe. Contemporary Flame Working on the Brink of Legalization

  Curatorial. Created a real buzz with its review in the Wall Street Journal. Publication.


 Curator. Resulted in an artist collective mural (aerosol) in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood still on view today.Publication.

Hemp 2020

 Curator. Everyone in a hemp t-shirt by year 2020. On-site silkscreen workshop. 


Jodie will take care of your project by understanding the big picture while nurturing the details. She will reign over all stages with a disciplined creative approach and a work style tailored to your needs.  

Email Jodie Nelson at 

for more information on how PRESS REIGN can amplify your next project and help exceed your goals